by Trojan-John

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2 years after "Aspire 2 Dream" was released, Perth Loop Artist Trojan-John has created "Circumnavigate." A record of a 2 year journey of growth as an artist, performer and person. With songs "Popularity" "Secret" and "Fuzzy Bear" gaining plenty of attention from audiences and listeners.


released February 19, 2014

All Songs Written And Performed by Trojan-John
All Rights Reserved Trojan-John 2014



all rights reserved


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Trojan-John Perth, Australia

New Zealand Born Loop Artist now based in Perth WA, Trojan-John is a story teller songwriter. Captivating audiences across Perth with his energy and presence since 2012, Trojan-John has gained attention of the Perth scene.

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Track Name: Secret
Verse 1:
Now first you need, is a little belief, in yourself and the man above.
No politics, give up those antics, give a message of faith, hope and love.
Eye of the tiger, your passion and desire, will push you higher.
Through this wrenched game.
Roll with the punches, give back in bunches.
Hunt for what they call fortune and fame.


When you hit the vally, it is time to rally, it's time to climb to the mountain top.
No, we won't stop, we never get up and we move all as one to the beat of the drum.
Hear my flow and the way it goes, from the beat and tempo to the melody.
Maybe it is time to look inside and find your own self-belief.
Track Name: Hush
Hey darling please don't say, don't try to speak.
I got a message that we must keep tonight.
I'm caught in the middle, singing hey fiddle, fiddle.
I tell you it's messing with my head.
I may have shot the sherriff, the deputy
And if they catch us we both are dead.
I jacked this Cadillac to hit the ghost track.
And ride it to the end of the line.
The news feed reads, have you seen?
The new face of Bonnie and Clyde.

Now we got to hush. (Don't say a word)
Now we got to hush. (Don't say a word)

Cigar hanging, Fat cat shoots.
And calls it in the name of the law.
Baby I be telling you nothing but the truth,
I was taking from the rich for the poor.
Let me explain when we getaway.
Then it will begin to unfold.
I was falsely accused, slightly abused
And damned by all the false reports.

Now we got to hush. (Let's get away)
Now we got to hush. (Let's get away)


Behind the scenes, look at the greed.
Fat cat's sits on his soap box.
Corrupted games is how he plays,
While his paper does all the talk.
Look you in the eye and tell another lie, .
Pushing and shoving to rush.
But I say, don't play his game.
You can tell to shut the hell up.

Tell him to hush. (Don't say a word)
Tell him to hush. (Don't say a word)
Tell him to hush. (Don't say a word)
Track Name: Fuzzy Bear
Verse 1:

Baby you don't need to say.
I already know what you thinking.
You want to come and join me.
Let me buy and let's get drinking.
They call me "Fuzzy, wuzzey Bear."
They think I'm sweet just like chocolate.
You take one bite of me.
And ecstasy is what your tasting.

They call me Fuzzey Wuzzey, Fuzzey Wuzzey, Fuzzey Wuzzey Bear.

Verse 2:
Fellahs liking all my flow.
They want to watch me go, go, go...
They follow me here and there.
They sometimes call me "Chocolate Bear."
Well that's alright with me.
Just understand I ain't no Chocolate dream.
I'm Fuzzey Wuzzey Bear.
The brown bear, the sweet bear, the bear you want to be.
Track Name: Popularity
I know his name, but I don't know.
What's he gonna do or where he's gonna go
I call him strange, an odd ball with a flair.
It wouldn't suprise me if he calls me a queer
Some want, to know what he do.
Cause they he ain't ever gonna lose.
I call him beast, others call him king.
But they just ass kissing and free loading.

Its popularity.

This girl she's so fine, but I know I ain't the apple of her eye.
Cause I'm little round and built like a tub.
Even thou I told her there is more of me to love.
Now all she wants, is a jock from the block.
Well you know what snitch you can suck'a my C***.
Well your too blind and you can't see.
Its not about your looks and popularity.


Gangsta guy, walks with a limb.
Slapping those girls, oh he is a pimp.
He plays cool, he plays it tight.
Popularity has him going all night.
He rolls in, then he rolls it on out.
2 minutes later, that's all he is about.
She's disappointed, he's a shamed.
Cause he brought into all that fame.

It's popularity.

That boy, who said he was a king
all he does now is flip them dam pattie's.
The girl who thought "I'm so fine"
Has a 6 babies with 6 different guys.
And the gangsta who walked with a limp,
He got with a girl, and again they went at it.
3 mintues, boy he was please.
But now he walks around with a STD.
Track Name: Rose
Verse 1:
Rose, I don't know where I'll be.
Please tell me what to do.
So I can just have you.
Rose, give me a second glance.
Does that mean I have a chance?
To spend the evening with you.

Pre chorus:
Your beauty overwhelms me, drunk on puppy love is what I've become.
You say that you can't stand me, but that don't mean that I am givin up.

I be singing

Ooo whoo, Tell me what to do.
Tell me what to say.
To make you stay with me.

Verse 2:
Rose, I tried to read between the lines.
Or was I just a fool who's blind?
By watching with his heart.
Rose, "How now brown cow." you say.
Does that mean I got my way?
To take you home with me?

Pre Chorus:
And at the going down of the sun.
I hope to hold you close in my arms.
By the morning glory glow
I bet you would have run and stolen my heart.

I be singing. (Chorus)